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Creative Initiative

Creative Initiative

The aesthetic-artistic means through which UNIVART would like to attain its objective are as follows:


The essence of nature lies in its colour. UNIVART seeks dedicated and experienced artists and encourages forms of artistic engagements relating to nature. All kinds of artworks are allowed in the art contest including drawings, sculptures, portraits etc. Awards and certificates are given to the shortlisted students who qualify. Hence, through these programmes, students get more attuned to nature.

Craft Making

UNIVART aims to unwrap the inherent creativity of a child by introducing him/her to the world of craft. It makes them perceive the importance of recycling i.e waste materials being recycled and reshaped to attain artistic dimension. Materials such as worn out cardboards, old magazines, coconut shells, egg cartons, rigid plastics, broken glasses etc. are used.

Creative Writing

Creative writing gives the freedom to express oneself and gives us a voice when we feel we don't have one. Writers are subtle observers too, hence they can bring a change in nature if they are aware of it. In this domain, our focus is to align the instincts of the child with his consciousness of nature and help him/her to think on a higher level. UNIVART also focuses on developing the powers of expression, empathy, critical reading, strengthening the student's self image and enhancing life experiences.


There comes a time in everyone's life when he/she will have to give an unrehearsed speech, maybe for an interview or for a casual debate. UNIVART has taken an unique initiative on their part to promote free-thinking in the individuals, to improve their public-speaking skills and developthe leadership qualities. The idea is to promote journalistic skills in the students who shall report any environmental issue in his immediate surroundings which, if found to be of abiding interest by the apex body of the UNIVART team, shall find its way to the representative state bodies. The whole initiate is to train certain students from each school as eco-journalists who shall, on a regular basis, take part in the environmental campaign organized by the school and shall also pass on their skill to others in due course.

T-Shirt Painting

T-shirt painting is a form of art and art is essentially about self expression. Through the vistas of colours, children can outpour their thoughts on the T-shirts i.e inspirational paintings or quotes about environment. T-shirt painting is an amusing way of expression and highlights an individual's creativity. It is a silent campaign to be conscious of the conservation of environment through use of natural colours.

Model Making

Model making involves creation of models from certain components and materials. A sculptor assembles several pieces and gives form and shape to a final model. The complexity of assembling representations of actual objects has now become a career and field of interest for many people. Models on environmental preservation such as making of a clean and green earth project may encourage individualsin group activity, building co-operation and encouraging innovation.

Collage Making

This is the form of an art where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. We pass through many phases in life. The environment also has many phases. Air pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming, water pollution, acid rain, extinction, rising of sea levels are some of the most perturbing environmental problems that we are facing right now. What can be the better way of expressing it than collage making? Let's put the figments of imagination together to glorify the facets of environment.